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The Story

Following a series of events, young Olga realizes that she will never be able to make her dream of wealth and fame come true while she is living in Russia. Not knowing what to expect, she leaves her native Siberia in pursuit of this dream and does not look back.   Although she is fully determined to make it big in New York, she will confront situations that will change her forever. These events will challenge everything she holds dear. She will make impossible compromises in pursuit of an ever-elusive dream. This is a story of hope, aspiration, success, failure, deceit, and lies. It is a story like few others.



“I found your approach to this story interesting."


“I really enjoyed this work. I think it was an ambitious undertaking to tell a story such as this”


“… the entirety of the work feel quite unique, and that interest in the characters helped pulled me through the work from start to finish.”

From my Readers

Leblanc’s debut novel is the first of a trilogy revolving around a beautiful woman from Siberia trying to make her way in New York City. Although she has a rich, albeit unattractive husband and a job as a server at the most renowned restaurant in the Siberian capital of Krasnoyarsk, Olga Kotova longs for more. When she waits on the striking, wealthy Svetlana, who tells her about the United States, Olga knows precisely what she wants—“a life of wealth in America.” After traversing a complex, expensive maze of bureaucratic red tape, Olga finally attains her U.S. visa and arrives in New York City. … Leblanc’s pace is lively, and he nimbly keeps his characters and plot lines clear. … A somewhat bleak look into a realm of rich men and the women who love them.



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The author was born in Montreal and came to New York City after attending business school. Like Olga, the main character of his first novel, he came to New York City in search of the American dream.  He currently works in the financial industry, is married, and has 3 children, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.  In his very limited spare time, he gets on his bike and heads to Central Park.  He also finds time to work on his second novel. 

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